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Top-5 things to do in New Orleans

31.07.18 | Rui Pedro Silva | comentar
The city in Louisiana was the first stop of a ten-day trip in the southern United States. This is our list of top-5 things to do if you ever visit it.   1. A street meal overlooking Mississippi The food in New Orleans was so good that we (...)

Wake up to go see the New Orleans Saints

30.07.18 | Rui Pedro Silva | comentar
The alarm clock rings in the morning. It's time to go to the game, a professional football game. The two sentences together are strange for us. Professional sports in Portugal - especially soccer - are increasingly nightly based. But in New (...)

Patriots at the Gillette Stadium

08.07.18 | Rui Pedro Silva | comentar
  It was the real American experience. A game that requires you to book a full day, the adventures through tight security, the protests of players about what Trump had said, the fans and the sleeping volcano that erupted because of Tom Brady.     Antic (...)