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Four days in New Orleans without gaining (too much) weight

Our traveling dynamic is very complementary and as soon as we define a destination we know exactly what each of us has to do. I do a lot less - I usually just find out what sporting events are scheduled for that period. Sarah does a lot more: she searches cultural attractions and restaurants, turning Google Maps into a tool with more stars than the Milky Way.   She likes this job but it has not always been that way. Because we have such different appetites - and by different, I mean that (...)

Top-5 things to do in New Orleans

The city in Louisiana was the first stop of a ten-day trip in the southern United States. This is our list of top-5 things to do if you ever visit it.   1. A street meal overlooking Mississippi The food in New Orleans was so good that we wanted to put together a best-of on the last day. At the end of the afternoon, when the sun was lower and the weather was far more pleasant, we bought a po' boy and a couple of beignets and went to sit by the river. We were tired, we needed to rest our (...)

Wake up to go see the New Orleans Saints

The alarm clock rings in the morning. It's time to go to the game, a professional football game. The two sentences together are strange for us. Professional sports in Portugal - especially soccer - are increasingly nightly based. But in New Orleans, more than seven thousand miles away from Lisbon, we had not had breakfast yet and we were already thinking we couldn't be late for the game that began at noon.   We would never get there late. Usually, we like to arrive a long time before the (...)

A morning spent at the Oak Alley Plantation

"You will now see Laura Plantation to your left... and you'll understand why you made the right choice."   The words of Rick, the driver who took us to the Oak Alley Plantation and who had just left half our group on a different plantation, left us in suspense. What the hell would be so special about Oak Alley that those aloe and sugar cane fields we saw next to us would be so obviously a worse choice?   The Oak Alley Plantation is an old sugar cane plantation, built in the nineteenth (...)

A layover in Miami at the Burger Museum

Travel is not easy peasy. My brain, after I began thinking about what to do on a layover of nearly eight hours in Miami, is can attest to that. Let's break it down: to ensure the best price to New Orleans, we split our trip into two parts. First, we flew from Lisbon to Miami and then, independently, from Miami to New Orleans. This meant that any delay in the first flight, or customs, or (...)

Volleyball was Bucharest's unexpected surprise

  Visiting Bucharest in February is an adventure that may not be within reach of those who don't like cold weather. But for us, who started our trips together with a snow-covered Paris and with negative temperatures in January, it's business as usual.   We are older and perhaps more vulnerable to the cold. The courage may no longer be the same and the billing at the end of the day may be higher, but it won't be enough to discourage us if the right trip at the right price comes up... at (...)

Berlin: a stadium that reflects so much history

  There is no other city in the world where we can feel closer to a character of The Truman Show than Berlin. The German capital exhales historic moments of the twentieth century and, at each corner, we are invaded by footprints of World War II or the division of Germany. More overwhelming than that is to feel small whenever we stop to think and realize that the person in front of us certainly has a very personal story to tell. Depending on the age, one may even have lived in the Berlin (...)

An olympic challenge in Stockholm

The path to the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm began the day before... in Helsinki. TAP had messed up our flight times and anticipated our return flight from Sweden for a time we wouldn't even be at the airport after returning from Finland by cruise.   After an exchange of messages on Twitter, the solution was a stopover in Frankfurt that, among other things, would allow us to spend a few more hours in Stockholm the next day. Visiting the stadium that hosted the 1912 Games was not among (...)