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An olympic challenge in Stockholm

18.07.18 | Rui Pedro Silva | comentar
The path to the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm began the day before... in Helsinki. TAP had messed up our flight times and anticipated our return flight from Sweden for a time we wouldn't even be at the airport after returning from Finland by cruise. (...)

Embrace adversity and discover Lyon

18.07.18 | Rui Pedro Silva | comentar
  The trips you do can create memories for a variety of reasons. They may be nothing more than loose details, without little to no impact on your final feeling, but they will still become a story to tell whenever you remember a destination. Th (...)

Watching the rugby's giants in Cardiff

17.07.18 | Rui Pedro Silva | comentar
  "One day I'm going to see a Wales' game at the Millennium Stadium."   When I wrote this post on Facebook on October 1, 2012, I was far from knowing what the future had in store for me. Yes, I already knew Rui but we had never traveled (...)

Minho as a Vigo appetizer

15.07.18 | Rui Pedro Silva | comentar
There is one thing we (all) don't talk enough about. Traveling is contagious. There's a traveling bug that settles inside us when we start doing it, and when we stop to think, we realize that there is no way to get rid of it... even if we (...)