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Top-5 things to do in New Orleans

The city in Louisiana was the first stop of a ten-day trip in the southern United States. This is our list of top-5 things to do if you ever visit it.


1. A street meal overlooking Mississippi

Late afternoon overlooking the Mississippi

The food in New Orleans was so good that we wanted to put together a best-of on the last day. At the end of the afternoon, when the sun was lower and the weather was far more pleasant, we bought a po' boy and a couple of beignets and went to sit by the river. We were tired, we needed to rest our legs and it could not have been better. It's also a perfect way to relive everything we have done in the previous days.


2. Visit the Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation

The trip takes about an hour but it pays off. The natural beauty is breathtaking and provides excellent photo-ops. But the visit is much more than that: it also has a strong cultural component that helps us imagine how life was, for owners and slaves, in the nineteenth century. It will be impossible not to like it.


3. National World War II Museum

Painting at the WWII Museum

It is one of the most recommended museums in the whole country and we can see why. Composed of several buildings, it perfectly combines digital technologies with the respect for history and detail. It has specific pavilions for the Pacific conflict and for the European conflict. One excellent detail is the ability to follow the history of a specific military - from recruitment to post-war life - that is assigned to you right after you buy the ticket.


4. Strolling in the French Quarter

French Quarter building

Everyone has seen movies shot in New Orleans. The architecture is very interesting and the people seem to live in a neverending party. Whether you like this kind of adventure or not, you should at least take a look around Bourbon Street and its adjacent streets in the late afternoon.


5. Make the entire electric line of the St. Charles Streetcar Line

Loyola University gardens

The daily pass costs three dollars and is worth it. The St. Charles Streetcar Line is the most famous and has many more tourists than the others. In addition to facilitating travel to points of interest such as Lafayette Cemetery or Loyola University in New Orleans, it is also an ongoing gazebo for the entire Garden District area.